Women wandering around, help and advice 4 декабря 2012 г., 11: 17 Rule 3: Charisma is half the battle!
You will never be 100% satisfied with you. The styling tips will not tell you in the morning that it’s a new day and thus a new opportunity.

An advice that you should always follow, no matter whether it is now especially about women or it is something professional: do not show the others all your weaknesses! Adjust yourself when you are sad. Act as if everything was okay. That does not mean that you should act. With a greasy smile on your face you will not get far. But try to overplay your nervousness and if that does not work, use your mistakes. Be honest and say why you are nervous.

Play with your facial expressions. Smile! I know, nothing is harder than smiling when you are nervous. But that’s the best way to tell if she finds you attractive. If you smile back you have the certainty that you can try it. If not, or if she looks away even annoyed, you need not pick up the basket and have saved you an egocnick!
You have to accept your physique. Nevertheless, your body should not look like you have stomach ache. Do not cross your arms in front of your stomach.

What you definitely do not want is the S-Position. Kinked head, Quasimodorucken and elephant’s ass. Just run and when you talk to someone, stand upright. You look bigger and more confident.
A simple but helpful tip is that every morning, before you get up, you have to say out loud three times, “I’m great! “. You’ll feel stupid. That’s okay. But it will help you to start the day successfully, if the first thing you hear is that you are great.

Pay attention.

If you’re traveling with a woman, do not look at another’s ass or tits. If you’ve discovered a sweet somewhere, do not touch it, do not stare at its bells. She will not think that she has very sexy tits, and you think she’s beautiful. No. Either she thinks she has a stain on her shirt, then you give her an uncomfortable feeling and probably will not be able to score points with her. Or even worse. She realizes that you only find her horny because of her tits. Then you can forget it. And buy you chips and stare their tits.
If you’re talking to a girl, pretend it’s interesting. No matter if you think about the last football game or are so drunk that only half of you arrive. Look at her, in the eyes, if you can do it, not on the mouth. But look now and then sometimes away. Do not stick to her face.

Pay attention to your companion, if you go away with a friend who is a woman’s terror, it will be very difficult for you. It is also unfavorable to turn on women when you go drinking with your clique. Someone will always be so tight-lipped that he messes up the tour for you. So rather leave alone than with a half football team that is drunk.