We connect you Ghost Dating refers to the outsourcing of online dating to a professional ghost dating agency, which goes online on your behalf on Dating and then presents you directly a date or a phone number. So you have no more effort in online dating. All work will be done by us as ghost dating agency.
The word Ghost comes from the word ghostwriter or ghostwriting, so an invisible scribe, also called phantom writer or job writer (see Wikipedia).

Ghostwriting + Online Dating = Ghost Dating

Benefits of Online and Ghost Dating
Leisure is a precious commodity for every human being. So why waste your time on the internet for hours after work and look for the dream woman or the dream man on one of the numerous single or partner exchanges and write back and write endless emails. And to be honest: Most of these emails do not work and do not contain really appealing content. Why not let the job done by a Ghost Dater? Here we come as ghost dating agency into play. Because the Internet offers online dating a marvel of technology that brings some benefits:
We can theoretically reach millions of people

Dating on the Internet takes place anonymously

The inhibition threshold for online dating is lower due to anonymity than in “real life”
Ghost dating experience
We have many years of experience in the online dating market and know how to optimally “flaunt” yourself online. We will present you optimally on the suitable partner exchange and get in touch with you for partners who really suit you. You save a lot of time and a lot of nerves and can thus make the most of your free time. For example, with the dates with the appropriate partners or the appropriate partners, which we organize for you.