Women ask all the time what it means when a man becomes distant. To develop a good relationship, you need to first understand men. Without that, you’re always guessing and that usually leads to making bad choices. There can be a lot of reasons a man becomes distant. Almost always, when a man is concerned about money, job, kids, health, parents or any number of things, he will focus on whatever the problem or issue is. That’s natural for most men. If he’s just beginning to date you, you can very quickly become a distant memory.

If you know something like this is going on, then you need to back off and give him space.

But too often, this is when a woman gets worried and starts to call, text, email, get clingy, nag, complain, all of which is really unattractive.
One of the most common items on most men’s list of what they find attractive is confidence. All that needy behavior is not only unattractive, it’s downright repellent. If you’re just dating, he’s likely to become even more distant until he finally quits calling all together.

My advice is always wait and watch, but take care of your own needs. Don’t ever be a doormat, just waiting around for him, but don’t be a nag either. Just give him his space, and see if he comes around. You should ONLY want to be with a man who is really excited to have you in his life. When a man becomes distant for no apparent reason, that’s rude.

You shouldn’t want to be with a man who is that inconsiderate. Dating is all about learning if a man you’re seeing is someone you want to get involved with. It’s not the time to begin the formation of a relationship. If he stays distant and stops calling, what you should say to yourself is, “Thank you for letting me know sooner than later that you’re not the right man for me.”

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